Karan Johar Likes a Tweet That Abused His Best Friend Shah Rukh Khan And Praised Akshay Kumar


Karan Johar is currently receiving a backlash from Shah Rukh Khan fanbase. It is because he liked a tweet that abused Shah Rukh Khan and praised Akshay Kumar’s Kesari. To let you know, the film Kesari is made under Karan Johar’s production. A Twitter user named as Mannu Yadav wrote, “Half day colls [collections] of Kesari on Holi day (which is worse than pre diwali day) [is] greater than Zero full festival day collection.”

Karan Johar liked this offensive tweet of comparing Shah Rukh Khan with Akshay Kumar. He soon got slammed by social media users and #ShameOnKaranJohar started trending on the social media.

After realizing his mistake, he immediately unliked the tweet. But till then, #ShameOnKaranJohar was at the fifth position in India trends, with more than 22,000 tweets using the hashtag.

Later, Karan posted an apology on Twitter describing that he didn’t intend to like any such tweet and it happened due to technical problem in his account. Check out his tweets,

He posted another tweet on a lighter note promoting his new song from Kalank movie first class, he wrote:

But ite seemed Shah Rukh Khan somewhere got hurt as he also took to the Twitter to say he hate clarifications after Karan Johar’s apology tweets. He wrote,