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“I asked Ranbir not to come over to our house at 2 am” This Superstar Actress Shocked Everyone by Saying This!

As we all know the Kapoor clan is the biggest one that has most of its family members associated with the film industry. Talking about its fourth generation, Ranbir Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, and Karisma Kapoor have proved themselves over the years and established themselves as successful actors.

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Kareena Kapoor Khan and Ranbir Kapoor also top the celebrity endorsement list. It is known that the mothers of these two are not on talking terms for a long time. Due to this Ranbir and Kareena also used to avoid each other a few time ago but it seems everything is settling now. Fans love to see these cousins together and always curious about what they talk? Therefore, media asked some questions from Kareena Kapoor about the bonding she shares with Ranbir Kapoor and this is how she replied:

When media asked is she meets Ranbir as often? she answered,

We don’t meet [often]. Saif (Ali Khan; husband) and I don’t really meet anyone (laughs). We don’t ‘socialise’ with the industry. But on special occasions or major family events like Diwali or my grandmother’s birthday, we are always together.

When asked what did you two chat about? she answered:

It was fun. We talked [for a bit]. Ranbir loves to visit his friends at 2 am. So, he has threatened to come to our house for a drink. I told him, ‘Please come, but 2 baje raat ko mat aana (laughs; don’t come over at 2 in the night). Nobody is awake in my house [at that time]. We like to sleep by 12 am.

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