Kareena Kapoor Khan talks about stardom in today’s time, says ‘stardom & success don’t matter’

Kareena Kapoor, who will soon make her debut in the OTT space with Sujoy Ghosh’s adaptation of Devotion of Suspect X on Netflix, has opened up about how the medium has abolished the star system. The actress said that stardom and success don’t matter anymore in the present times, as OTT has spoiled the audience with options.

Kareena will be next seen inverse Aamir Khan in Laal Singh Chaddha. She said that she has confidence that the movie will be a commercial success since it is extremely ’emotional.’ However, she noticed that having a star can not make a film successful any longer.

In an interaction PTI, Kareena said, “Today, the stars are on their toes. Nobody knows what’s happening and in what direction we should go. So, let’s focus on content and scripts, reading and writing better things. Then all actors are safe. If we think that we can continue to concentrate and focus on building projects on stars and their stardom, then that is not going to happen anymore. People now want to see content and that has changed and transformed amid COVID-19. People have realised that no one is God and no one can change anything.”

The actress also added, “Today, there are no stars according to me. Everybody is an actor. There is no guarantee that tomorrow somebody’s film will take ₹50 crore opening. Success and stardom doesn’t matter (anymore). Anybody can have 50 million followers (but that) doesn’t make you the biggest star in this country, not at all. It needed to happen because there is more and different work for artist. Today, different actors are coming in who are amazing at their job.”

Laal Singh Chaddha is set to drop in theatres on August 11.