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Trending Kareena Kapoor's Best Friend Amrita Arora Wears Worst Dress, Gets Trolled Badly

Kareena Kapoor’s Best Friend Amrita Arora Wears Worst Dress, Gets Trolled Badly

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Kareena Kapoor’s best friend actress Amrita Arora was spotted recently on a dinner date with husband Shakeel Ladak. She wore a black and white dress which was looking really weird. From a side, her dress was looking like someone has put on a bandage on the body.

For her worst dress she became a victim of brutal trolls. One of the users wrote, “this dress designer should get shot”. The other wrote, “What type of dress is this? Go to the hospital, thy will veil a good bandage around your body.”While the user wrote, “Will really the designer have been given money for this worst dress?” One wrote, “Who is she? Money is not everything, Taste should be good too”. Other wrote – “She stays with Kareena Kapoor only to be in the limelight. Kareena should give her dressing tips.”

41 years old Amrita got married to businessman Shakeel Ladak at sudden and shocked everyone. It is because their affair’s news never got exposed in media. The reason for their sudden marriage, revealed after a few months of their marriage when Amrita became a mother, she got pregnant before marriage.

According to the reports, it was Shakeel’s second marriage to Amrita. Firstly he was married to Amrita’s best friend Nisha Rana. Amrita and Nisha were from the same college and were good friends for years. But it was Amrita who came in between them and after divorcing Nisha in 2006, Shakeel married Amrita Arora in 2009.

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