“Super Drug” Post Of Deepika Padukone About Ranveer Singh Is Going Viral After A Year

Deepika Padukone seems to be stuck in big trouble. NCB sources have reported that some WhatsApp drugs chats of the actress have...

Superstar Actress’ Shocking Revelation ‘On My Honeymoon My Husband’s Friend Put Me on Sale And Then…’

Karisma Kapoor is one such actress who always stays in the limelight even after leaving working in the films. She has divorced her husband in 2016 and is a single mother raising her two children – a son and a daughter. She is 44 years old and still looks young and beautiful. She was one of the highest paid actresses of the Bollywood.

She got married to Delhi-based businessman Sanjay Kapur in 2003 after breaking up with Abhishek Bachchan. But she never leads a happy married life, problems started knocking her doors soon after the marriage. Their divorce is one of the infamous divorce cases of the Bollywood.

Karisma accused Sanjay of domestic violence. She also said he never used to give her money to spend. Recently, Karisma gave a very shocking statement about his ex-husband. She said when after marriage she went on her honeymoon, her husband’s friend auctioned her! Yes, you read it right! According to her, he set her for sale. She didn’t spare that and after that problems started rooting between them.

It was Sanjay’s second marriage to Karisma Kapoor. But he even after getting divorced from the first wife Sanjay maintained physical relations with her. Karisma told that he moved on with her and started living in a live-in relationship with his first wife. When Karisma confronted him, he abused her. She also told that when she was pregnant her mother-in-law gifted her a dress but as she was pregnant that dress didn’t fit her. This raged Sanjay and he slapped her.

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