As we know elections will be held on 12th of May in Karnataka. Both the parties are doing extensive efforts to win the elections. They criticising each other rather than showing their works to masses.

Sonia Gandhi said that “Modi Ji is a very good orator, but speeches cant fill the empty stomachs, food is needed for that.” It is a good thing that Modi Ji is a good orator but why he doesn’t speak on the matters of concern? She also emphasized the that Modi Ji is removing the schemes started by Congress. She said “Narendra Modi Ji has done only one work since he came to power. He is hell-bent on finishing every good work done by the Congress party over the years. We have worked tirelessly for the poor. We started Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme which was mocked at by the BJP and by Modi Ji at the time. He is systematically ending every welfare scheme”. Further, Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister only does “Man Ki Baat” and does not hear what the nation has to say.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted the Congress for not letting the Triple talaq Bill passed in Lok Sabha and said Congress did nothing for the safety of women. In Vijayapura election rally, PM said that the Congress pursuing the divide and rule policy. PM said, “Congress believes in the policy of divide and rule… divide on the basis of caste and religion….make brothers fight among themselves But people of this land of Basaveshwara will not allow it to happen”.