Infotainment Was Anurag Kashyap And Arvind Kejriwal's Fight Was The Thing Left In...

Was Anurag Kashyap And Arvind Kejriwal’s Fight Was The Thing Left In The Udta Punjab Controversy

The neverending Udta Punjab controversy still had this shocking turn to show. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal extended his hands to support the release of Udta Punjab along with BJP and PM Modi’s followers when the most unbelievable thing happened.

Anurag Kashyap in The Udta Punjab Controversy

The film producer Anurag Kashyap immediately refused to take Kejriwal’s support and asked both AAP and Congress to leave him alone.

Now this Udta Punjab controversy started when Arvind Kejriwal shared Anurag Kashyap’s this tweet, “There is no film more honest than UDTA PUNJAB .. And any person or party opposing it is actually GUILTY of promoting drugs.”

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With this caption

After this, the Twitter followed a series of Anurag Kashyap’s Tweets, making it clear that he wasn’t interested in any support from the AAP or congress members.

“I speak only on my behalf. It’s my fight Vs a dictatorial man sitting there operating like an oligarch in his constituency of censor board, that’s my North Korea. Rest of you go pick your own fights. I will fight mine. So please don’t colour my fight with any political affiliation because there is none,” these are the words which Kashyap said in his Tweets.

“I request Congress, AAP and other political parties to stay out of my battle. It’s my Rights vs the Censorship.”

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