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World Do You Know Kate Middleton Is Banned From Signing Autographs

Do You Know Kate Middleton Is Banned From Signing Autographs

Taking autographs of famous people or celebrities is something very exciting. People collect the little piece of the person’s soul in the form of autographs. It is a way to make this impersonal celebrity more “real.” It’s also a kind of proof that you’ve “met” this person. Even though, as Paris Hilton once said, the camera phone is the autograph of the 21st century, maybe an autograph was what you longed for from the Duchess of Cambridge. After all, Kate Middleton probably has a gorgeous signature!

Reason Why Kate Middleton Is Banned From Signing Autographs?

But do you know that you will never be able to get that gorgeous signature? Alas! It is true yeah! According to a leading English news website, Middleton, as well as the other members of the royal family, are banned from signing autographs for fans. This rule is formed to resist any of their all-important signatures from being forged, which makes sense. However, if this is the main reason then why other celebrities don’t do the same? According to English newspaper Express, when Prince Charles is asked to sign autographs, he answered, “Sorry, they don’t allow me to do that.”

It is not fair! Means the fans who actually adore their prince and princess will never get their autographs. Being married in a royal family Kate Middleton is also following the rule since 2011. Another rule that she has to follow, being a member of the royal family is that she can’t cross her legs as her knees (though, crossing her ankles is allowed). Along with that, she also must cover up her cleavage, follow tiara protocol and curtsy subtly, among many other seemingly trivial rules.


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