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You Won’t Believe This Was Kate Middleton’s Job Before Royal Life

You Won’t Believe This Was Kate Middleton’s Job Before Royal Life


Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is world-known personality. After her marriage in the royal family of Cambridge, her life took a major turn. Not only does she look dashing on the arm of her husband, Prince William, but she can also stand strong on her own, representing the royal family at sanctioned events.

But do you know that what she used to do before her marriage or entering royal family? Just like us, Kate was also once just an average person who had to make a living. Kate completed a History of Arts degree at St. Andrew’s College where she met Prince William in the year 2005. After graduating, Kate briefly worked for Party Pieces, a party goods supplier owned by her parents. Her responsibilities there included catalog design and production, marketing, and photography. She also spearheaded a junior brand called ‘First Birthdays’ for the company.

One year later, Kate started doing a job as a part-time accessories buyer for a London-based clothing store called Jigsaw Junior.Kate Middleton wanted to pursue a career in photography. But after her marriage. According to a source, Kate Middleton never flaunted about her relationship with Prince William. She stayed down to Earth even after coming into the limelight.

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