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Salman Khan’s Fans Insult And Badly Treat Katrina Kaif on The Roads of Canada, Viral Video is Making Headlines

Salman Khan’s fans misbehaved with Katrina Kaif. On a road of Vancouver, Canada, two women ill-treated Katrina Kaif. This made Katrina feel embarassed. The video of this incident also went viral on the internet.

ollywood Stars Need Some Dancing Classes

The video is grabbing all the attention of social media users. Katrina is looking tired in the video. She was about to sit in her car, then suddenly two women presented there shouted, “we don’t want to get clicked with you.” Not only this, they also showed some offensive gestures. This raged Katrina Kaif.

Katrina also gave them a befitting reply. She went toward them and said, “I’m so tired and depressed. No need to behave so badly.” Then Katrina Kaif’s bodyguard came in between and controlled the situation. Her fans presented there also supported her. They clicked pictures with her.

Even then, those ill-mannered women didn’t stop and shouted, “we are Salman Khan fans and we want to have a photo with him, not with you.” Watch the video:

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