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Entertainment Katti Batti's Lip To Lip Song Was Physically Demanding-Imran Khan

Katti Batti’s Lip To Lip Song Was Physically Demanding-Imran Khan

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Lip to Lip is the third song to be released from the upcoming movie Katti Batti starring Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan. The video of the song was shot using a special technology called the stop motion technology for which Imran and Kangana are said to have kissed each other for 24 hrs on the whole in a period of three days to get the right frame for the song.   liptolip-feat

Imran explains this new technology to the media saying, “We have shot Lip to lip using stop motion animation, which is very time intensive because you have to get it right per pose, and the filmmakers will take one single frame. When you move a little bit then another frame and it goes on. After they animate it, it looks like smooth motion.”


“But it means that you have to hold that position and suppose if there is a phone or a light coming in, then it will happen frame by frame. So all of the kissing moments in this song, we had to start to kiss and they had to take frames one after another as a hundred things would move around us”, continued Imran.

Admitting that the shooting of the song’s video was ‘Physically Demanding’ he also said that it was very exhausting to stay ina single static position for a whole day and byt he end of the day their bodies would feel like giving up.


Well, Imran and Kangana we really admire the great efforts and the hard work and surely the video has come out gorgeous and amazing.

Let’s take a look..




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