Katy Perry whose actual name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is a known American singer and song writer. She used to sing in church in her childhood. And later pursued career in gospel music as a teenager.

Every Celebrity wants to look as much as good he/she can. But they are unlucky some time. They show people more than they should have.

So here are some photos of Katy Perry who showed more than she should have:

Hey Katy! I think that net is of no use.

Its too colourful but still awesome.

I hope that knots are fastened tight.

I think she gets to know in the second image that something is not good.

Nice one Katy. Braless. huuh!!

Cleavage is more visible than she wanted to.

Oops! I think she didn’t get a bra of same colour.

Monkey is having his good time.

Photographer was at the best angle, No?

That too wild. Amazing!

Its too hot to handle.

Thats enough Katy. Our jaw is also dropped like you.

That’s a combination of sweet and sexy.

Oho! Showing off your back!

Strawberries on the Strawberry!

Oh my God! Again Braless.

People at the front in the show might have this moment than the show.

Katy still believes in Black and White.

Sweet smile with a sexy dress.

Wild Catty or Katy? You decide

No need of DSLR. Her phone is enough.

Good combination of black and red.

Not a good combination but you are still rocking.

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