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Katy Perry Tries To Vote Naked And Guess Who She’s Already Convinced To Join !

Katy Perry Tries To Vote Naked And Guess Who She’s Already Convinced To Join !


Katy Perry tries to vote naked and if this doesn’t urge Americans to go out on November 8 and vote, what else will ?

On September 27, singer Katy Perry Instagrammed: “Tomorrow, I use my body as click bait to help change the world.” She’s done what she promised in this hilarious new video that urges US citizens to vote come election day – that’s November 8 for USA.


The video, part of YouTube channel Funny Or Die’s ‘Everyone Votes campaign,’ shows Katy Perry trying vote naked in an attempt to tell people ‘there is no dress code this election day.’ In other words – forget the trappings, it’s your vote that really counts.


And guess who she’s already convinced ? Madonna. “Im voting naked with Katy Perry!!” the singer wrote on Instagram about an hour ago.


The video features Katy saying “This year you can look like shit when you vote.”

She goes on to say she’s briefly read the constitution and any just-out-of-bed look is fine when you’re headed to the ballot box. And in Katy’s case, because she sleeps naked, walking out in your birthday suit is fine too. Or is it?

Apparently not, the video goes no to explain. You see, any old clothes are fine, going unclothed isn’t.

Watch the hilarious video below :

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