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‘Kauwa Biryani’ Special: 2 Arrested In Tamil Nadu For Selling Crow Meat At Stalls

Shubham Banyal



We all remember the actor Vijay Raaz for his best comedy in kauwa Biryani scene from the movie RUN. Now, I want to tell you that this really happened in Tamil Nadu.

Kauwa biryani news

According to the news in Vice, two people have been arrested for selling chicken mixed with crow meat. The local people noticed that after crows kept dying from eating rice offered at a temple in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu.

According to the reports, local people noticed the death of crows when they were fed rice. On the other hand, when authority investigated this case, they found that the birds were being fed liquor-laced rice.

Now, the cops are also investigating the roadside eateries to know more about this big scam. A similar issue has been raised in Chennai in 2018 when the Food Safety Department had discovered more than 1,000 kilos of meat coming on a train from Jodhpur. The eye-witnesses saw long tails on the bodies. The case was however never solved. However, this case never was proven or debunked.

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