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News Kejriwal Strikes Again! Modi Spent 1,000 Cr Rupees On Ads, Know The...

Kejriwal Strikes Again! Modi Spent 1,000 Cr Rupees On Ads, Know The Reason Why?

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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has recently alleged Prime Minister Modi that his government has actually splashed 1,000 crore rupees only on advertisements of just a single event, the completion of 2 years of Modi’s terms in his office.

Narendra Modi spent 1000 Rs on ads

PM Modi Successfully completed the 2 years of his terms on 26 May 2016.

Just having this thought in his mind wasn’t enough for Arvind Kejriwal, therefore, he decided to go to Twitter and spread his criticism:

It is really not clear what’s the issue between him and Modi this time but one can only blame the political rivalries of the past of these politicians which forced Kejriwal to make such a big reaction.

It took no time to his Tweet and news to go viral but the Tweet has also enraged many positive and negative comments in social media.

For anyone to notice, really the number of ads on Modi’s completion of two years is too much frustrating. Almost every newspaper has got the ad in which the Modi sarkar states that it is only trying to claim its achievements.

Some sources even say that these ads will also be featured in almost 8,000 cinema halls and every TV channel.

One of the achievements which the ad claims is “unlimited happiness for happiness, development for all, unlimited opportunities for youth, growth in businesses and end in corruption” which is the most catchy part for everyone.

Also as a great irony to these ads, the successive surveys about politics shows that Modi sarkar’s performance in all the stated aspects has been really very disappointing.

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