Corona Positive Famous Poet Rahat Indori Dies Of ‘Heart Attack’

Famous poet Rahat Indori has died from Heart attack. Rahat was admitted to the Aurobindo Hospital in Indore after being infected with...
News KGMU Environmental Department utilizes rotten food and vegetables in the best...

KGMU Environmental Department utilizes rotten food and vegetables in the best possible way

KGMU’s environmental department has sent letters to all hotels, canteens and other hospitals. They had appealed that instead of throwing away stale food and rotten vegetables, donate them to KGMU so that maximum manure can be prepared.

Do you know that stale food, rotten vegetables and their peels can also lead to horticulture. Don’t be surprised, KGMU has done this. Here chemical fertilizer is no longer used in horticulture. Vermicompost and food compost are given to the plants in the complex. With this, a savings of Rs. 15 thousand is being made every month. KGMU’s canteen serves about five thousand patients daily. The peels of the rotten vegetables coming out in the pruning and the food leftover after being distributed to the patients are not thrown away, instead, manure is made from it. Food compost machine has been installed for this.

This electric machine is donated to KGMU, which is being used in the Department of Environmental Pollution Contro.l Pro. Dr. Mohammad Parvez Khan said that stained and gully vegetables are separated in sorting. The compost is prepared by mixing these and the remaining food. Depending on the waste 40 to 50 kg of manure is prepared, which is planted in flowers, fruits, and trees. This compost also does not release harmful gas. Similarly, vermicompost is prepared by rotten leaves with the help of earthworms. It is also added to the trees of the campus.

An experiment was done on 20 plants.

Dr. Khan said that experiments were done on the plants planted in the garden of the department first. 20 plants were given vegetable manure and 20 were given chemical NPK. Vegetable composted plants looked more healthy and fresh as compared to another one with chemicals and also had more flowers. After this, it was decided that campus plants will be given vegetable manure.


There is a plan to prepare more and more fertilizers in the future so that the plants in the parks and premises of other hospitals can also get compost fertilizer.

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