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Entertainment Khichdi’s Little Girl Chakki Quit TV Because of Body-shaming And Casting Couch

Khichdi’s Little Girl Chakki Quit TV Because of Body-shaming And Casting Couch

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Remember the cute bubbly girl Chakki from the hit comedy serial Khichdi? The role was played by Richa Bhadra. When we all expect that child artist will be back on-screen in the adult roles, Richa Bhadra has announced something which is surprising.

She has been away from the limelight and it’s a conscious decision made by the actress. However, it wasn’t her decision that she took overnight, she tried many times to make a comeback on screen but due to constant body-shaming and casting couch, Richa eventually decided to quit the TV industry.

Richa revealed that after working in serials like Khichdi, Baa Bahu Aur Baby and Mrs. Tendulkar, she worked in any episodes of Gumrah. But her family was against the roles that consisted of intimate scenes or exposing. She was not allowed to perform such roles by her family. Richa also said that because of her weight she lost out many roles.

Surprisingly, Richa also suffered casting couch. She said, “I was auditioning at a couple of places and I was asked to compromise. I came across a casting director who said, “Keep me happy and I will give you work.” He wanted to meet me at a hotel when I suggested meeting him at a coffee shop. That was the end to all my aspirations which I had in the industry. I didn’t want to ruin the image which I had built as a child actor.”

She is now married to her boyfriend. And now she is seeking to make a career in a corporate world with her husband.

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