Kiara Advani opens up about her bond with other actresses

Kiara Advani as of late talked about her bond with other actresses in the industry. As indicated by her, they all inspire each other.

In an interaction with a portal, Kiara uncovered that she is most comfortable around her girlfriends and other women. The actress also added that a large portion of her companions are individuals whom she has worked with, like her co-stars and directors since she spends so much time with them.

Expounding further, Kiara added that whenever she watches the movie of a contemporary, and if she really enjoys it, she gets her number to tell her how great she was, regardless of whether she knows her. The actress also added that it is the opposite way around also. Other actresses also have reached out to her to tell her how much they enjoyed her work. As indicated by her, every one of them inspires each other.

Kiara also proceeded to express that there isn’t anything better than women supporting women. As per her, it uplifts one’s morale. They understand each other because they go through or have gone through similar experiences.