Kill the summer heat with these 5 refreshing drinks

High temperatures and dehydration are characteristics of the summer season. Due to how hot it is, our bodies lose water quite quickly. Our immune systems may suffer as a result of the shifting climatic conditions. Put your health first this summer and include some immune-boosting beverages in your diet.

Bel Panna

Among the most cooling drinks you may try this summer is certainly bel panna. This smoothie’s fibre, minerals, and vitamins A, B, and C make it cool and refreshing. To create Bel Pana, remove the pulp from the fruit, mix in the cold milk, black/pink salt, and jaggery powder.

Khus drink

By scavenging the body of free radicals, khus or vetiver grass strengthens the immune system in the process. Zinc and antioxidants are also present. Serve some cooled lemon water with the khus syrup.

Aam (Mango) Panna

Mangoes must be mentioned whenever summer is mentioned. Instead of ripe mangoes, this drink calls for raw ones. Aam Panna enhances digestive health, boosts immunity, and reduces dehydration. All you need is some cold water, black salt, cumin seed powder, and raw mango juice.

Mint Buttermilk

Among the most popular drinks preferred by many across the globe is buttermilk. The body is cooled, immunity is boosted, gut health is improved, and dehydration is avoided. This year, you may add a mint flavour to buttermilk. Simply flavour the beverage with some mint leaves and ground cumin powder.

Kokum drink

Another fruit of the season that you should include in your diet is kokum. In a mixer, combine the soaked kokum pieces with the ginger, sugar, salt, mint leaves, lemon juice, and water. The levels of glucose in your blood will be maintained, and you’ll stay hydrated, thanks to the drink. Fibre, magnesium, manganese, and potassium are also abundant in it.