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News Kim Jong-un Provokes US By Laughing Off Their Military Threat

Kim Jong-un Provokes US By Laughing Off Their Military Threat

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Kim Jong-un laughed at the face of US after he was threatened with military action. White house gave North Korea chilling war warning saying that US is “out of patience” because of Kim’s recent nuclear actions.

The tyrant nation has fired four ballistic missiles this year and tested a high- powered engine which could be used to fire heir deadly ICBM.

Kim Jong-un Provokes US By Laughing Off Their Military Threat

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson revealed that all options were available on the US to deal with the Dastardly Dictator, including military strikes.

But Kim appears to take it lightly and completely dismissed the US’ threat. The North’s propaganda Korean Central News Agency reported: “The nuclear force of North Korea is the treasured sword of justice and the most reliable war deterrence to defend the socialist motherland and the life of its people.” 

It added that US has to accept North Korea as a nuclear capable nation that has the will and capability to fully respond  to any war the US would like to ignite.

The agency also reported:

“If the businessmen-turned US authorities though they would frighten North Korea, they would soon know their method would not work.”

Trump confirmed that he held meetings on the hermit state and the tubby tyrant was acting “very, very badly”. According to experts, Kim’s ICBM will be ready in the next three years and could destruct US.

The North Korea previously warned US that they would nuke them if “a single bullet” was fired at their territory.

US forces are in South Korea currently, taking part in wartime drills.

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