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Kim Kardashian Caught Doing Naughty Things On Her Vacation

Kim Kardashian Caught Doing Naughty Things On Her Vacation


Kim showed off her ace figure with the game of tennis and played it in a nude bikini. Well, as if that wasn’t enough for Kim, she changed the bikini to a revealing sheer top. I am sure Kim did the best she could and made playing tennis look so hot.

Kim Kardashian showed off her prowess while playing tennis in Mexico. She decided to work on her sun tan this vacation, so here is the result.

kim kardashian playing lawn tennis

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She was playing with her friend Jasmine Sanders, who is also not less than Kim. Her figure was on full display and was setting fire.

kim kardashian naughty on a vacation

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Kim wore the sexiest outfit for tennis game – nude bandeau bikini paired with high-waisted thongs. Her post-baby body looked gorgeous. She played the game without shoes.

kim kardashian naughty on a vacation

So when it comes to game, Kim is all set to play. However, your dress while playing tennis will be much different.

Kim kardashian playing in a sexy outfit

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There are no rules for Kim whether it is swimsuit or bikini. She does and wears what she wants.

kim kardashian naughty and sexy

She was flaunting her curvy body and bronze skin that was oiled up. Her sexy booty was the highlight.

Kim kardashian naughty photos while playing

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She looked effortless while swinging her tennis racket. Though she wore oversized glasses but still she was looking hot.

kim kardashian playing lawn tennis in sexy outfit

This wasn’t enough and she changed the outfit. Her bikini was nothing in comparison to what she wore later.

Kim kardashian in bikini

Once she was done she changed and got got a pair of high-legged supreme pants. The dress was paired with a long-sleeved sheer top that showcased her breasts completely.

kim kardashian braless in bikini

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