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It Seemed They Will Rape And Then Shoot Me: Kim Kardashian

It Seemed They Will Rape And Then Shoot Me: Kim Kardashian


Reality TV star Kim Kardashian says the robbery incident happened with her in 2016 was a nightmare that haunts her every night. She felt like she will be raped and then shot by a gun. Kim went to Paris in 2016 to attend the Paris Fashion Week where she got mortgaged and robbed.  

Kim Kardashian revealed this on the show “Keeping Up With Kardashians”. On remembering the whole robbery mishap she suffered on October 3, 2016, she said three men donned in the police uniform, masks on their faces and with guns robbed her. 

She said, she got very scared that she thought they will rape me and shoot me with bullets. She said, “I was looking at the gun, then I saw backward stairs behind. The gunmen then veiled her mouth with a black adhesive tape. Then one of the gunmen hold her legs tightly and pushed her on the bed. I thought he will be going to rape me but he didn’t. The very next moment they veiled my legs together and put the gun on my head.” 

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She said, “that was a dreadful moment of my life”. They robbed me and then locked me in the bathroom. They looted all my precious jewelry which includes a 20 carat diamond ring which costs 45 million dollars.

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