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Entertainment Renowned Journalist Piers Morgan And Annie Lennox Blast Out Kim Kardashian For...

Renowned Journalist Piers Morgan And Annie Lennox Blast Out Kim Kardashian For Posting Topless Selfies

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Famous journalist Piers Morgan and famous Scottish celebrity Annie Lennox slammed reality star Kim Kardashian on International Women’s Day. They appeared on the show Good Morning Britain joined by Helen Pankhurst, granddaughter of Emmeline, where the subject of Kim came up.

Piers said that he saw Kim Kardashian’s topless selfie where she is flipping a bird. She shared it with her millions of fans on the Internet and many of them are impressionable young girls. Piers then commented, Kim is not a good example of feminism. 

He said Kim is doing all this blather in the name of liberating and empowering women and feminism but to me, it is an utter nonsense. Then Annie Lennox concurred in between and said, doing so, defines her version of feminism, it’s not mine and it’s not Helen’s. She continued by saying that, my idea of bringing empowerment is to focus on topics like women education and gender equality. 

Kim Kardashian

Meanwhile, the reality star defended her right to post naked selfies while on the red carpet at the Vogue 100 gala dinner in London last May. She stated that time, “I post naked selfies because I love my body and I am comfortable within my skin.  So let me do what I want. It’s none of your concern.”

Kim Kardashian

On that Piers said, 

She’s wrong about the naked selfies. Do that to Kanye. I’ve got no problem with what she does in her own life.

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