High Life This is How The Kitchen in Rashtrapati Bhavan Where The President of...

This is How The Kitchen in Rashtrapati Bhavan Where The President of India Lives Looks Like

Ram Nath Kovind is elected as the 14th president of India recently. Now he will shift to the Rashtrapati Bhavan which is the official home of the President of India. You might have heard about many things related to this beautiful official residential building but do you know how its kitchen looks like?

Here are 10 facts about this kitchen that are interesting to explore:

1) The kitchen is fully furnished with state of the art facilities. It is fully air-conditioned and includes modern machinery to cook food.

2) In Rashtrapati Bhavan’s kitchen along with the executive chefs many cooks, confectioners and bakers work together. A special team takes care of hygiene and obscure cleaning. The food before serving to the guests is tasted by security members first and then is allowed to serve to the guests.

3) The main kitchen in the Rashtrapati Bhavan is built in the basement and upper floors include dining and banquet halls.

4) A special household section takes care of the daily life needs and facilities of the President. The kitchen is one of them.

5) There is a team of approximately 32 members in the kitchen including executive chefs, cooks, bakers and confectioners.

6) The kitchen of Rashtrapati Bhavan includes many sections – Main Kitchen, Bakery, Confectionery, Bakery, Training Area, Staff Cafeteria and Grocery Section.


7) Some special dishes include – Murg Darbari, Gosht Yakhni, Dal Raiseena, Kofta Aloobukhara etc.

8) The team starts dressing the table 6-7 hours before serving the food to the table.

9) For every occasion, a new menu card gets printed from the printing press present in the Rashtrapati Bhavan. The National Symbol is encrypted there in its crockery.

10) In most of the meals, soup, the veg or non-veg dishes and dessert is being served to the guests. After that tea or coffee and in the end Paan and mouth fresheners are presented before the guests.


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