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Circus People Wanted to Buy This 3 Feet Tall Famous Actor at Rs 50 Thousand, Debuted With Shaktimaan in 1997

44 Years old TV actor KK Goswami is the famous face on the small screen. Currently, he is away from the TV. He debuted in 1997 on TV with the fantasy show “Shaktimaan”. He was last seen in the serial “Trideviyan”. A very few people know that Goswami has struggled a lot before becoming famous in the TV world.

He said like him, his brother’s height is also very small. When circus people came to know that they met his father. They wanted to buy Goswami so they offered Rs 50,000 to his family. Goswami was only 10-12 years old that time. His father denied the offer and refused them that his son will never do a work in a circus.

Trouble in marriage

His in-laws refused to make their daughter marry him. It was all because he was 3 feet tall. But it was his wife who truly loved him and agreed to marry him. She accepted him the way he is!

Today they are living a happy married life and has two kids who have normal heights.

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