India won the first Test match against Australia by 31 runs on day 5 in Adelaide on December 10. India took a lead by 1-0 with a win over Australia. But with India’s win, a controversy has also emerged. The last catch of the match which proved to be a winning one has stirred up some dispute.

Ravichandran Ashwin claimed the final wicket of Australia, i.e, Josh Hazlewood, after a long wait for the victory. Ashwin tossed the ball up and Hazlewood looked to play it through the covers but got an outside edge to hand a low catch to KL Rahul at gully. As a result of his dismissal, Australia was all out for 291 and India won. It was India’s first win in the last 10 years over Australia in Adelaide.

But the last catch didn’t go well legendary former cricketer Dean Jones who questioned the dismissal. He doubted Rahul’s claim of Hazlewood’s catch, saying that it “did raise an eyebrow”

Not only Dean Jones but cricket podcaster Dennis Freedman, also tweeted about his disappointment over Rahul’s catch,

“Oh dear. How can you claim that as a catch?. It wasn’t a catch.”

Rahul clutched the ball just above the turf and it appeared to bobble in his hands, this created a buzz on the social media. However, former Australian captain Ricky Ponting consider the catch true and rightly taken. He told to a news channel,

“It was a little bit hard to tell from the initial angles. We saw most of the angles from behind. It carries well and truly, easily enough and if anything it looks like it dips down into the ground. It looks like a clean catch to me and guess what, it’s too late now anyway. The game’s over.”

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