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Did You Know: ANAL is also a Language in India?




A tribe found in Manipur, India, Anal people communicate through their own language, called the Anal. As per Wikipedia, “They speak their own language, Anal. referred to them as one of the Kuki clans of Manipur and recognized as part of the Chin-Kuki-Mizo tribe by the state government of Manipur.”

IMG_5324Recognized as the ones wearing the simplest of the attires such as the Lungi or the Skirts and shawls Anal people are only abundant in the remote areas of India.

AnalIronically, who must have thought Anal could also be a language other than just a physical characterization to the word, “Anal”. As we all know, in sexual terms anal is always referred to the area situated around the anus, or the ass!

Well, India is an incredible country, but sure shot it has facts which are un-imagined and unheard!

As they say, It happens only in INDIA!

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