Know-How Much These B-Grade Actors Are Paid In India

According to the information gathered the B-grade actors are paid quite less as compared to A-list actors. So read to know how much it is.

B grade movies

We all think that actors and actresses make a lot of money. And that’s true. But what about the B-grade actors. Do you have any idea how much they are paid. So if you are among all those who are unware of the lesser known facts of entertainment Industry. Here’s something for you to know.

It’s quite a common thing that the top A-list actors in the showbiz industry get paid a handsome amount. And the proof is their luxurious mansions. However, the story with the B-grade actors is completely opposite. According to the reports, B-grade movies and TV can range from Rs 10,000 per project to even Rs 2-3 lakhs per movie. Talking about the OTT platforms that air B grade shows pay around 5000-10000 to the lead actors. Isn’t that is a bit shocking. However, they are also provided with food and accommodation along with the contracts.

Well, this piece of information was just an idea to make you know about the lesser-known part of the Film Industry. But the amount could also depend on the success of the film. Sometimes low budget films also make huge money. An example of one such film is Dhakkad Chora that was made with a low budget of 4.5 Lakhs. But fortunately, it turned out to be a huge success and earned 8.5 crores.

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