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High Life Know Some Tips To Enhance Your Beauty!

Know Some Tips To Enhance Your Beauty!

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In a hectic schedule it becomes really necessary to maintain your beauty. It is definitely important because of the fact that if you look after your skin and body, you feel good and if you feel good, you definitely charge up for the hard life! So here we have some home remedies which shall work wonders for you!

Glow Your Skin!

Glow your skin and let it breathe in a polluted world. The best is turmeric. That is the reason why brides undergo ‘Haldi’ ceremony so that they glow best in their wedding. All you need to do is take some amount of turmeric and add some cold milk into it. Make it’s paste. You may add some rose water if you wish to. Just apply the paste and rub it gently and not in a harsh manner. Leave it for a while. When it dries, wash it with water and get ready to glow! Also, applying Aloevera gel on face and leaving it overnight makes your face glow like anything. Continue it everyday and you will be able to see the results.

Fight Against Dark Circles!

Dark circles are caused due to hectic jobs on computers and if one stays fixed to mobile screens. Moreover, if you feel short of sleep, you may have horrible dark circles. Start consuming iron in your diet. Take some potatoes and grate them. Squeeze them to get their juice. Apply that juice with cotton balls and rest with closed eyes for 15-20 minutes. Do it regularly for a month to see the magic happening! If not, cutting them into pieces and relaxing shall also work but a little slower.

Make Your Hair Shine!

Whether short or long, shinier, brighter and stronger hair are a dream for many girls. The dusty environment and UV rays of sun leave no stone unturned in making our hair a nest! To overcome this, proper oiling is must every two times a week. Also, Curd or Youghurt makes the hair silky. It removes dandruff and conditions the hair. So before twenty minutes of your head wash, apply Dahi/Curd, lightly massage the scalp and then wash it. Also, Aloevera gel is a magic ingredient. Applying it overnight then washing your hair makes your hair healthier and silkier.

Removing The Tan!

Sun has the tendency to ruin your beauty. It causes tanning and skin burns. Curd helps a lot as it provides cooling effect. Also, tomato helps a lot because it has vitamin C. What works best is the combination of both. Take tomatoes pulp and curd. Mix it and apply on the face. Keep it for fifteen to twenty minutes and then rinse!

So friends what are you waiting for? Grab these easily available ingredients and include them in your routine to have a healthy and beautiful skin.

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