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Infotainment Know The B Town Stars Who Never Worked With Amir Khan!

Know The B Town Stars Who Never Worked With Amir Khan!

We all know that the Bollywood industry is ruled by three famous Khans. The trio includes Shah Rukh, Salman and Amir Khan. If we think it is quite obvious that all of them have worked with nearly every star, then we are wrong! If we talk about about Amir Khan, we will be surprised to know that there are popular stars who could never share screen opposite him. These are the stars who have never worked with Amir Khan!

Vidya Balan

Such a versatile actress she is! It is quite strange that our ‘Sulu’ hasn’t got the opportunity to work with Mr. Perfectionist. I am sure if they both get a chance, the script is supposed to be a bang on one!

Sri Devi

Late Sri Devi and Amir were superstars at their time! But they both never worked together. Sri Devi was seen with Shah Rukh Khan even when it seemed a mis- match but not with him.

Aishwarya Rai Bachhan

Well this came as a surprise! If it is the case of height difference, then also we know Shah Rukh Khan shot for Om Shanti Om on a table opposite Deepika Padukone. So how come, Aishwarya and Amir never came together on screen. She worked with rest two Khans but not with him!

Shah Rukh Khan

Why leave the Badshah of Bollywood? Because this calls for a shock! Even Shah Rukh has never worked with Amir!

Well this calls for a roar in surprise or shock! Let’s us see what could not be done in years shall happen now or not!

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