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High Life Know the Facts about Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Women

Know the Facts about Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Women

People have been contracting sexually transmitted diseases for millennia. STI is the other name given to this kind of disease fully known as sexually transmitted infections as they are mainly happening due to infectious microbes. 

As the term of the ailment indicates, the sickness is mainly caused when engaging in sexual acts of any kind. In earlier times, STDs weren’t diagnosed or treated as people were unaware of the symptoms associated with sexually transmitted ailments. Hence, there were no remedies and people used to succumb to the diseases. 

Both men and women involved sexually can develop STDs or STIs and partners can suffer from the symptoms of sexually transmitted ailments. The causes may be similar for both genders, however the symptoms are different. Women not only endure the trouble of infections, they have trouble in conceiving, have severe pain in their pelvic region during menstrual cycle and may even have miscarriage as well. 

To get treated soon women need to identify the symptoms if they are troubled with some of the common STD. As the medical reports states most kind of STD can be treated successfully if diagnosed early. 

Here are few common STD often troubling majority of woman population:

• Gonorrheao This ailment happens due to bacterial microbe Neisseria gonorrheae. This kind of parasite bacteria needs a moist place to live and multiply, hence thrive in vagina, urethra and cervix. Sometimes nestles well in the back of the throat to pass on to the rectum. The common symptoms are pain or irritation during urination, yellowish discharge from vagina can be seen, genitals starts to swell and become reddish, there is itching sensation in vagina and you feel like urinating frequently. The STD need to be treated in early stage otherwise may cause inflammation of Fallopian tubes and ovaries. 

• Chlamydiao The disease is contribution of bacteria named Chlamydia trachomatis. Its symptoms are similar to Gonorrhea hence often there is confusion, only lab test help in correct diagnosis. However, if left untreated it will cause severe pelvic inflammatory ailments.

 • Syphiliso It is totally infectious ailment that can be acquired through sexual contacts, cuts in skin and through mucous tissues as well. There are three stages of infection related to the ailment. The last stage is quite severe and occurs only when this STI isn’t rightly treated in earlier stages. In early stage painless ulcers are seen in private parts of body, palms and sole of foot. In later stage reddish rashes can be seen in place of the ulcers. Mostly, the symptoms are treated as any other skin diseases, hence Syphilis left untreated bring in complicated health issues like blindness, effect on brain nerves, arthritis and even make the lady paralyzed.

 • Genital herpeso It is a viral infection caused due to Herpes Simplex Virus. It can be acquired through coming in contact with mucous tissues of mouth, genital skin or while having touching tissues of vagina. The symptoms are reddish blisters on the skin turning to painful ulcers. 

Early diagnosis and right treatment is the only remedy to have relief from this kind of STD. You can schedule anappointment in nearby STD testing clinics to know if you have contracted an STD.

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