Infotainment Know The Facts About Why Sunday is Holiday

Know The Facts About Why Sunday is Holiday

In this today’s era of cut-throat competition people are workaholic. We all have hectic work schedules and we always wait for the weekend. Sunday is the favourite for all of us and we enjoy on this day. But most of us don’t know the facts behind the holiday on Sunday.

During the British rule, labourers have to work seven days of the week and there was no holiday. At that time, Shri Narayan Meghaji Lokhande was the leader of labourers and demanded for one holiday in a week from the British government. He demanded the holiday on Sunday because Britishers used to went Church for Prayer on Sundays. But the demand was refused by the British government. After seven years of struggle, Lokhande got success and the holiday was declared on Sundays on 10th of June 1890.

According to Lokhande, Sunday is the day of Hindu Devata “Khandoba”. Further, in Hindu calenders, Sunday is the first day of the week. It was said that it is the day of “Surya Devata” and if people pray on Sunday than rest of the week become good for them. People used to worship Surya Dev and other Hindu Devtas on Sunday. However, According to International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Sunday is the day between Saturday and Monday and Sunday is the seventh and last day of the week. Apart from this, In many Muslim countries, Friday is considered as the holiday because they consider the Friday as the best

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