Know the most weird and dangerous dishes of the world! To say ‘Wow’ or ‘Eww’ is your choice!

We eat food for taste and to fill our tummy. But for many food is an element of adventure. We bring you the list of some dishes which are considered as the most weird in the whole world. Few of the dishes from the list are the most dangerous ones which can lead to death! For many this adventurous food is ‘Wow’ and for many it is just ‘Eww’. You go through the list and decide yours!

Smoked Armadillo

Smoked Armadillo

This is the dish from Florida cooked with veggies in it’s own shell. Crazy isn’t it?

An armadillo looks like this before the cooking

Giraffee Weavils

These are termed as giraffee because these have long necks. These are eaten in Madagascar.

Long necks are the real reason behind their name

Coconut Tree Crubs

These tasting like pus filled bags are harvested in Peru. Horrifying isn’t it?

Coral Worms

These have the shelter in Coral reefs at the coast of Samoa in Pacific. People store them after they are out once in a year. People wait and then jams and chutneys are made from them.

Jam of worms over the bread slice


It is a dish from Japan which not every chef is allowed to make. A proper certification is required to become a fugu chef because these are poisonous and it is made after a proper cooking technique.

Fugu garnished and presented in a bowl!


Live Octopus from South Korea is termed as Sannakji. It can choke the throat and lead to the death of people who don’t chew it well while eating.

The scary octopus dish


It is a shark fish which is the national dish of Iceland. It is fermented for nearly five months to remove the poison. Then it is sold in stores to be cooked.

Wasn’t it strange or horrifying? I am sure you might have not known these dishes before. Just close your eyes and give it a thought if you would like to try them or not!