Karan Johar’s House Party Video: Forensic Science Laboratory Gives Clean Chit

Karan Johar party video that went viral for the wrong reasons, got a clean chit from Forensic Science Laboratory.
High Life Know These Easy And Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your House

Know These Easy And Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your House

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A great house decor and interior is a dream for many. It definitely looks beautiful when the house glows with diyas and rangolis. But then these are only feasible during festive season. These can not be used everyday to make your house look beautiful. So here we have few easy and inexpensive methods to give your house a make over!


These are the best to add life to any boring and plain wall of the house. The best way is to use photo frames which can be made at home or simply hang the photos with the paper clips over a thread. The photos can be put up in a pattern with a small quote as well!


Pebbles are the cheapest, may be ‘free’ to be used to give your house a make over! Pebbles can always be put over the centre table either in a bowl or can be permanently fixed. Pebbles can be stick over a cardboard and then framed to get a 3D wall painting. Pebbles can also be used to fill up the spaces in your garden area to give a ‘forest’ look!

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes can be cut out in the form of alphabets which you desire. A simple fairy light can be added in it to make them glow. These alphabets can be put up later either behind the bed in the bedroom or even in living room.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights can be simply spread over the plants of your house to make them glow in the evening. You can always use these lights to surround photographs or even create a name or pattern out of it.

Hand Prints

To keep the memories of the family members alive, hand prints or thumb prints can be taken on chart paper and can be framed to be put over a wall. Either it can be directly done on the wall of the house. A wall or a corner can be especially given for this and can be termed as the ‘memory corner’.


Folding newspapers into hand fans and and then accumulating them on to the wall into a beautiful pattern or in the form of a photo frame looks amazing and is the most cheapest way of decor. Moreover adding lights behind it makes it glow!

Hand Made Lamps

The lamps made of a thread dipped in fevicol, wrapped around balloons and then adding up a bulb or lights into it makes the best out of the waste.

Small Bulbs

Why wait for Diwali next year to glow your house. Unlike Diyas and rangolis, these can be used everyday to make your room lit!

These are the most inexpensive things which can make your house look beautiful in the best ways possible. Now there isn’t any need of spending money on the beautification objects and on the designer interior. Just let the the designer within you to pop out and radiate your house by yourself!

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