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Know These Secret But Surprising Settings in Your Phone




#1 lock screen Message- Imagine you lost your phone and the screen is locked with a graphic key and you are the only one who knows that unique code right even though it may look like you won’t see your device anymore. Just might using a new feature in a new version of Android just leave a message on the lock are steps to leave a message on your phone:

  • Go To Settings
  • Lock Screen and Security
  • Lock Screen Signature
  • Now write a backup phone number or your Email

#2 Save The Memory- Sooner or later the memory on your phone devices gets full. This is when you can use a flash memory card. Cloud services like Dropbox or backup your data onto a PC. But wait there’s another cool option, just upload all your data to the telegram messenger. Telegram messenger allows you to send files, text and links to yourself. You can use for both notepad and cloud storage. Just find your number and start using it.

#3 UV light- UV light can be useful if you want to check the authenticity of bank notes by using some tape and markers.

  • Stick a tape to the flashlight
  • Paint over it with blue pen repeat or /paint it purple than add two more layers in the same way
  • Done

#4 Access to Magic Menu-If you are serious about your smartphone and use it all the time. You may as well change its settings like a professional. To do so:

  • Go to the developer menu
  • Go to settings About the phone
  • Click seven times on Model Number
  • Now you are the developer

#5 Monochrome Mode- You want to save your eyesight battery of phone than use your phone in Monochrome Mode while reading:

  • Go to magical developers and find simulate anomaly
  • Switch the Monochrome Mode on
  • Now your phone will work in black and white