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Entertainment Know What Diljit Dosanjh Did To Play The Role Of Sandeep Singh...

Know What Diljit Dosanjh Did To Play The Role Of Sandeep Singh In Soorma

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The famous singer of Punjab Diljit Dosanjh made his debut in Bollywood in Udta Punjab. He did really great work in Udta Punjab and made a huge number of new fans. When we saw the trailer of his movie “Soorma”, our expectations became more from Diljit. The work he did in Soorma is really appreciable.

1)Daily Routine

As Diljit had to play the role of a famous Hockey play the role of Indian Hockey legend Sandeep Singh, he needed to work hard. He made his routine same as athletes. He used to get up early in the morning as well as sleep early at night.


2)Practice Of Hockey

Actually, the movie is all about hockey so it is quite obvious to learn hockey. hew extensive efforts for this. Diljit also learned the signature move of Sandeep Singh from him. He used to practice daily for almost half a day.

3)Close To Sandeep

For playing the role of Sandeep Singh he used to meet his friends as well as family members to observe the real-life behaviour of Sandeep Singh.

4)Balanced Diet

Asc we know that Diljit belongs to Punjab so it is quite obvious that he was habitual to eat heavy oily meals. But for this character, Diljit took care of his diet and took a healthy meal. He maintained a balanced diet and we can see the results of his hard work. The trailer for Soorma is revealing the hard works of Diljit. He really turned himself into a skin a skin of Sandeep Singh.



5)Pushing His Limits

As I said earlier that he extensive efforts to learn all those hockey skills, making his routine, practising day and night his character and also maintained a balanced diet. These all things were really difficult but Diljit pushes himself and performed very well in Soorma as the trailer reveals. Let’s wait for the movie to release.

So,”Soorma” is all set to realaesae on 13th July. I am really very excited to see Diljit as Sandeep Singh are you?

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