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Know What Is Home Quarantine And What Is The Meaning Of This Blue Ink Stamp?

Shubham Banyal



Coronavirus cases are increasing at a fast rate as in India. Equally awareness is being spread among the people. From celebrities to the general public, everyone is aware of coronaviruses and there are complete alerts about their safety. Meanwhile, suddenly, words like home quarantine have started getting quite heard. Now the discussion has started. If this word is new to you too, let us tell you what the meaning of this word is and why the stamp of this word has been put on people’s hands.

What Is Home Quarantine

Home Quarantine Meaning

Home quarantine means separating yourself from others at home. That is, self-isolation. Meaning if you are suspected of being infected with the coronavirus or have just had a cold, then in a room, you separate yourself from other members of the house and the outside world. With this, you can stop the virus from spreading to others. It is a Latin word that means forty days. It is said that in old times when a ship was suspected of being sick or an infected passenger, the ship had to stay forty days away from the port. Such a system was introduced in Great Britain as an attempt to stop the plague.

What Is Home Quarantine

Maharashtra Government is Stamping home Quarantined On Hands

To prevent getting infected from coronavirus, many Bollywood celebs have placed themselves in self-isolation. 

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