India Know What Is The Condition of Higher Education In India

Know What Is The Condition of Higher Education In India

The students of Bachelors in Homoeopathic Medicine in Surgery in Muzaffarpur were protesting in front of the house of vice-Chancellor. It is because their exams are not conducted from last 2 years by their university. These students are of batch 2016 claiming that no examination has taken place in their university till now. So, the protest is quite obvious because the duration of this course is already 5.5 years if 2 years are spoiled and it will be of 7.5 years. Which is really a very long period of time. Students said that they came many times to university and were asked about exams but they were ignored or neglected.

Moreover, the condition of Indian youth is really ruined. There are a lot of other cases also such as the condition of Radhakrishna Goenka College Sitamarhi. There are about 10,000 students studying in the college but only 13 teachers are there in the college. Now you are thinking that how the teachers manage to teach them? Don’t think that because there are no lectures for any course.

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So, this is the condition of higher education in our country. This is only a small reflection but the problems are huge.

What is your opinion on the condition of our country’s education system? Leave your views in the comment section or you can mail your opinion with your name to and I will publish your opinion.

Bihar University also comes under this list. The students of PG first year are waiting for their examination from last two years. So, think about them, they have to complete their two years course in four years. This is really a gruesome condition of Universities in our country. In a nutshell, I would like to say that concerned authorities should look into the matter and suitable measures should be taken immediately. Otherwise, the future of many students will be spoiled.



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