India It's so Shameful That Two of Our Famous Bollywood Actresses Are Fighting...

It’s so Shameful That Two of Our Famous Bollywood Actresses Are Fighting on Religion Using Mandsaur Rape Case, One is Hindu The Other is Muslim!

It really feels bad when people who work in the field where only talent and your art matters irrespective of gender and religion, have people with lower mentalities. Today to gain limelight, actors or actresses do something illogical out of anything. Remember the Asifa Rape case? Where whole Bollywood united to demand justice for Asifa. But it was Koena Mitra who gave it a communal twist made a point.

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She shared news clippings of other recent rape cases that haven’t garnered the same media attention and support of celebrities.

This time also, amid demands of execution to the rape accused by the family of Mandsaur rape victim, Bollywood actress Koena Mitra has given a communal twist to the case. She tweeted that no one took out candle march so far because the incident occurred to a Hindu girl when a Muslim girl has raped some people raise hue and cry.

This remark irked another Bollywood actress, Gauhar Khan and she wrote:

gauhar khan molested

Well, to let you know, a horrific rape of an eight-year-old girl in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur has sent shockwaves throughout of India. The ghastly incident triggered outrage across the country. Muslim community leaders disowned the accused and demanded the death sentence for him.

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