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Koena Mitra Expressed Her Opinion On Rohingya Crisis But It’s Against Humanity




The Rohingya crisis has been in headlines for a year now. United Nations failed to find any genuine solution to this problem. Many celebrities and politicians from India have shown their support to Rohingya people. Recently, Bollywood actress, Koena Mirta expressed her opinion on Rohingya crisis, “Rohingyas are being thrown out of Myanmar and Srilanka bcos of their terrorist activities, but CM is giving them land, helping them to settle down in #WestBengal posing danger to national security. #BengalAgainstRohingya When will you help WB? @PMOIndia @rashtrapatibhvn.”

Koena Mitra Express Her Opinion On Rohingya Crisis But It's Against Humanity

People on Twitter are praising Koena Mita over her stand:

On the other hand, last year, chief minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee had put forward her take on this situation: “All commoners are not terrorists. Some may be terrorists and they will be considered as terrorists. There is a distinction between terrorists and commoners. In every community, there can be good people and bad ones but a community is a community.”


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