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Entertainment Koena Mitra Shows Rebellious Attitude Towards Salman Khan After Bigg Boss Eviction

Koena Mitra Shows Rebellious Attitude Towards Salman Khan After Bigg Boss Eviction

With the double eviction, Koena Mitra’s exit did not come as a shock to Koena Mitra herself. It is because after the elimination, Koena became very vocal about Salman’s non- supportive attitude towards her. So as per her, she already knew that she was going to be out because she could sense the ‘against waves of the ocean’. Hence, she showcased her rebellious attitude towards Salman Khan after the eviction.

Koena’s tweet after the exit

Direct Attack On Salman!

Koena had severe issues with Shehnaz Gill because of Shehnaz’s mimicking style. Koena did not like Shehnaz aping her behind her back. On questioning the same to Shehnaz in front of Salman Khan, Koena pointed out how Salman took side of her by asking the same as a healthy stuff. Koena directly attacked Salman for pushing those who are not worthy enough.

Koena herself tweeted India Forum’s article
Koena during Bigg Boss

Koena Not Liking Many Others!

Koena did not like Shehnaz mocking her where Salman termed it as an entertaining content which was being loved by the audience. So definitely she is against both of them. Apart from these, she finds Aarti Singh and Sidhartha Dey as fake and annoying in the Bigg Boss house.

As of now, Rashmi Desai, Mahira Sharma, Paras Chhabra and Sidhartha Dey have been nominated. Let us see who gets closer to the exit gate.

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