Kajol Devgan Shared Video On The Occasion Of Dussehra: Watch It Out

Kajol took to Instagram to share photos of herself on the occasion of Dussehra.
Trending Miss Kohima Pageant Contestant's brave reply to PM Modi

Miss Kohima Pageant Contestant’s brave reply to PM Modi

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“Focus on women instead of cows”said miss Kohima contestant 2019, who was a second runnerup of the beauty pageant just a few days ago during miss Kohima 2019 in the capital of Nagaland a girl named as Vikuonuo Shchu  who is 18 years old was asked to answer a question which was regarding PM of India in a contest that was held in Kohima on October 5, 2019. The contest was held by Agatho’s society that works towards women empowerment.

The girl was asked by a judge that what will she ask PM  Modi if she gets a chance to chat with him. The girl quickly replied without even giving a second thought, “I would ask our Priminister  Modi to put more focus on girls rather than cows” , that sounds a bit witty but that’s what she replied.

The moment she confidently replied that answer, she got an appraisal from all the audience and media as well although the audience applauded her but at the same time burst out into laughter and cheered her up for her brave answer.

Miss Kohima’s reply is now getting viral these days on social media as the contestant was gutsy enough to put her thoughts in front of so many people, which is really appreciable.

After the video got viral there was numerous comments that people posted.

“Beauty with bravery, Gutsy girl, Miss Kohima u rock that’s what people twitted about her. The video has gone viral and viewed almost 60000 times on twitter and people gave it thousands of likes. There is also a 27-sec clip that has been tweeted by a user by the name of Riaz Ahmed which is a must-watch.

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