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Kohinoor is Cursed Only a Female Could Wear the Stone, How Much You Know About This World Famous Dazzling Diamond?

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Kohinoor, a diamond that every King of the World wants it to embed in his throne. A diamond every Indian wants back from Britain. A diamond that has an enormous history behind to explore.Its entire history is linked with royalties of various countries and of various ages. It was the cause of the murder of Kings, dishonor of Queens and fearful intrigues at the Courts of the Royals. Punjabi film, The Black Prince, made on the last king of Punjab, Maharaja Duleep Singh also mentioned a brief story of Kohinoor in a scene where the King, his mother, and Queen Victoria talked about this King of Diamonds.

There are many narrations about this magnificent diamond, theories reveal that the king Duleep Singh gifted it to the queen or the other theories reveal that it was taken forcefully from the king by the Britishers. Let’s explore some information about this world famous beautiful diamond and some anecdotes.

This beautiful diamond was found in the mines of?

The origin of the diamond has been placed in the Golconda in Andhra Pradesh now Telangana. It was mined from the Rayalaseema diamond mine when it was under the rule of the Kakatiya dynasty possibly in the 13th century. Today it is in London as a part of British Crown Jewels.

What is the weight of this diamond?

Originally weighing 793 karats, its weight was subsequently reduced over the centuries after it was cut several times. It now weighs around 105 karats. In 1852, Queen Victoria decided to reshape the diamond and it was cut down to 108.93 karats.

Kohinoor brought to Britain in which year?

In the year 1849. After the subjugation of Punjab in the Second Sikh War in the year 1849, Duleep Singh, the last Sikh ruler of Punjab, was ordered by the then governor general of India, Lord Dalhousie, to personally hand over the Kohinoor to the British Queen Victoria.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh procured Kohinoor from which Mughal emperor? 

Maharaja Ranjit Singh achieved this dazzling beauty from Mughal emperor Ahmed Shah Abdali. 

Other than India, this country has also claimed that Kohinoor belongs to them.

And the country is none other than Pakistan. Pakistan is also demanding the return of the Kohinoor. Pakistan, where the diamond is said to have been surrendered last, too has asked for the possession of the precious stone.

Why is Kohinoor worn by a Queen only and Kings are restricted to wear it?

The diamond is apparently cursed. Yes, you read it right! A Hindu text dating back to 1306, when the Kohinoor’s appearance was first recorded, apparently stated that only a female could wear the stone, and “misfortunes” would befall any male owner. 



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