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Know Why This Sexual Harassment Case On Various Kolkata Women Is Becoming Viral

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On the 23rd of July 2016, an undergraduate student of Jadavpur University, Ekalavya Chaudhuri, was exposed via Facebook for sexual harassment of over a dozen women, some of them minors, over a three-year period, via texts, online messages and molestation.

One of the survivors decided to break the cycle of silence that pervades rape culture, dozens of victims came forward to reveal the abuse they had suffered over years, sharing screenshots and verbal reports of the abuse.

Accounts ranged from sexually explicit messages that continued despite repeated demands to stop, to physical assault. At least two of the victims were underage, being fifteen years old at the time of their horrific experience. Students from other undergraduate batches had been victims as well.


A hallmark of this case was the sheer number of survivors who were afraid to speak up, fearing not only disbelief but the systematic online harassment that one of the survivors had to go through. A friend of the accused from Presidency University, Janhabi Mukherjee, was also accused, with substantial proof, of spearheading an online and offline smearing campaign against the survivor who first spoke up.

Over the course of the weekend which witnessed the outpouring of solidarity messages as more complainants came forward, several of the survivors had their Facebook accounts hacked into and chat threads and Public posts that contained evidence of the harassment erased. The original statement made by the survivor who publicly spoke up initially was deleted as well for not fitting in with Facebook’s ‘Community Guidelines’, indicating that it had been reported.

It is important to note that action had already been taken against the accused on the complaint of a survivor last year, when Jadavpur University held a General Body Meeting, where he was asked to receive counselling or face sterner measures. Clearly, the resolution had no effect.

By last night though, over 40,000 people were talking about this, as all the posts had gone viral.

On of the minors, whose post had gone viral, received calls last night from unknown numbers, warning and threatening her saying, worse things than molestation were going to happen to her if she continued to be so vocal.

Two of the survivors have filed formal complaints against him today, pending action. The rest are seeking legal counselling now, on how to proceed. An unofficial boycott was suggested by some students in his class, where many of his survivors study, but this was later found to be difficult to implement. Furthermore, a General Body Meeting has been called tomorrow to pass a resolution to formally initiate proceedings for complaints to the University’s sexual harassment cell.

Later this evening, the complainants released a joint statement about the incident:

“We are a group of (up till now,13 <sic>)  women and girls who have been harassed, both online and in person, by Ekalavya Chaudhuri, who is a student of Jadavpur University, Department of English.

We have been touched without our consent.
We have been objectified filthily.
We have been made to feel like pieces of meat by a man who is utterly despicable.
He believes that his actions will not yield any consequences. In many cases, he has been aided and abetted by his acquaintance, Janhabi Mukherjee of Presidency University, Department of English. She has harassed and intimidated us both in virtual spaces and in person.

Jointly, they have both used their privilege to try and keep us silent.
Jointly, they have violated our bodies and our minds.
Jointly, they have attempted to erase our own agency over our lives. Not anymore.

Today, we speak out as survivors of these vile, poisonous human beings. Today, we take a stand against crimes against women, patriarchy, elitism, entitlement, privilege, and bullying. We take this stand to retake our agency, to re-establish the narratives that were taken from us.

Ekalavya Chaudhuri, you are a molester. A sex offender. A sexual predator. Janhabi Mukherjee, you aided and abetted in his crimes, and are no less guilty.

We hope that our stand will encourage others to come forward with their own experiences which they have kept silent about for whatever reasons. It’s time we all spoke up, it’s time we ripped all their masks off.

Thank you for your support.”

That not at all good what’s happening here but I respect the girls who have taken power of the social media to act against a heinous act which they were undergoing from a long time.. Justice will be served soon..

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