KRK Calls Rishi Kapoor Ch*tiya On Twitter In A War Of Words

Kamal R Khan the not-so much of a celebrity has a reputation for insulting random celebrities and picking up fights with them which even led many stars to block him from their Twitter handles. And now again something of the sorts has happened on Twitter when Rishi Kapoor retweeted a parody account, @FATHERofKRK’s tweet calling KRK a failure. Now how could KRK lose such an opportune moment to pick up a fight and be in the limelight again and so.. Well, better shown than told.. ūüėČ

<strong>It all began like this..</strong>

<strong>And Rishi Kapoor intervened and tweeted…</strong>

<strong>Now how do you think KRK would take being called a failure… YES! Exactly! this..</strong>

<img class=”alignnone wp-image-6581 size-full” src=”” alt=”krk1″ width=”700″ height=”575″ />


<strong>And wait there’s more..</strong>

<img class=”alignnone wp-image-6583 size-full” src=”” alt=”KRK-2 (1)” width=”700″ height=”434″ />

<strong>And now Rishi Kapoor had had enough..</strong>

<strong>And Daddy of KRK went on..</strong>


Well, Could be good if KRKR was made to delete his account but then <em>Inki Rozi Roti Kaise Chalegi </em>