The controversial man KRK is back with another controversy! The controversial celebrity publicly bashes upcoming movies and insults women with pride. The self-proclaimed film critique Kamaal Rashid Khan this time fires women staff as he got scared of #MeToo movement. He himself informed about his move on Twitter. He also wrote that it was his wife who asked him to do so.

Here it is what he wrote:

Yes! It’s 100% true “Ki Main Biwi Ka Ghulam Hoon” So I followed her order. And now we don’t have any female staff in any of my office in India or Dubai. No parties! No talking with any girl. Thanks to #MeToo!???

KRK is living in Dubai currently. A few days ago the news came from his end that he suddenly fainted at home and then got admitted to the hospital. KRK’s wife name is Ayesha and has two children – Farah and Faisal. It is said that KRK left home to pursue a career in acting. In 2005, he started his career as a producer with film Sitam.

According to the reports, KRK runs a garment business. He is also having an entertainment website. Apart from that, he also works in providing labourers to the gulf countries. He owns a house both in Dubai and Mumbai.

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