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Entertainment KRK Review Of M.S Dhoni Biopic Is Hilarious And Revealing Both At...

KRK Review Of M.S Dhoni Biopic Is Hilarious And Revealing Both At The Same Time

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Kamaal Rashid Khan has always been in controversies and news for his unique and distasteful reviews. His reviews about movies, item songs number or be it the latest controversy regarding “Shivaay” movie.  Kamaal R. Khan is the self-proclaimed critic, he never leaves a single opportunity to get attention.


Whenever KRK tweets something about any movie, the twitter replies him back with equally ridiculous tweets. His movie reviews are always surrounded by controversies and this time KRK has reviewed the latest Biopic ‘M.S Dhoni”, starring Sushant Singh Rajput. And he has talked trash about every single thing related to a movie, from dialogues to the screenplay.


According to him, this cannot be termed as a biopic as there is no biography. KRK mentions that there are a lot of facts about M.S Dhoni life which has not been mentioned. There is no information about his real brother. Then he talks about how Sakshi’s story is tweaked and how there is no mention whatsoever of his other girlfriends Deepika, and Laxmi Rai.


Why are some facts hidden in the movie? Is it because of Dhoni, who is also a producer of the film, wanted the audience to see only his positive side? God knows what the reason is…says KRK. But he has praised the acting skills of the actors in the movie. And he has just given 2.5 stars to the movie which means according to KRK the movie was not up to the mark.

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