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High Life Kargil War Hero Tells How Pakistan Treats Dead Bodies Of Indian Soldiers

Kargil War Hero Tells How Pakistan Treats Dead Bodies Of Indian Soldiers

Navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav is sentenced to death by Pakistan being accused of a RAW agent. Pakistan can never be changed from a terrorist state to a peaceful country. They showed their real and brutal faces even at the time of Kargil war 1999. An alive soldier of Kargil war Yogendra Singh Yadav tells how Pakistani army mistreated the dead bodies of Indian soldiers.

Yogendra was only 19 years old when sent for Kargil war. He is also one of those soldiers who accomplished Tiger Hill mission. He told how only a group of 7 Indian soldiers attacked 70 Pakistani soldiers. Although he got injured badly that the enemies thought he was dead. But he was just acting as he wanted to see what they will do next with the dead bodies of his mates.

Pakistanis shot bullets countlessly on the dead bodies of Indian jawans, crushed their heads with boots and abused them. Their officer told him to take our rifles. Yogendra told he was listening to them acting like he is dead.

He belonged to 18 Grenadiers Battalion. According to Yogendra, CEO Kushal Chand Thakur made a new team for Tiger Hill mission and he was chosen as the leader. This team of 7 soldiers started climbing Tiger Hill on 2nd July in the evening at 6:30 pm. Due to the deadly icy winds, Indian soldiers were not able to see Pakistani bunkers presented there.

He said, ” we were only 7 but we fought like a whole Army. We were fully loaded with guns, arms and ammunitions. Pakistanis were thinking there is a whole battalion fighting with them. We 7 fought like 700.” In the 5 hours counter attack they killed 8 Pakistani soldiers. They stopped firing for some time to check us whether we are still alive or not. They came back in a group of 70 we were just 7. So we waited for them to come close and when they came we started firing, in this attack all six mates of Yogendra got martyrdom. Yogendra also got bullets on his arm and legs. But he was lucky as he had a wallet in his pocket which contained coins so when the Pakistani soldiers backed to shot a bullet on his chest, coins saved him.

Yogendra Singh is awarded Param Veer Chakra to honour his bravery. He is also the youngest recipient of Param Veer Chakra.


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