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Mysterious Village of Las Salinas Where a Rare Condition Causes Girls to Grow Penises on Reaching Puberty

You may have heard about many genital disorders but you trust it is something you may have never heard about! There are a number of rare genetic orders children are suffering with but this one will shake you to the core! Just imagine a disorder that can turn a female into a male. You may not believe it but it is a reality in a lesser known part of the world.

A village of Las Salinas in the Dominican Republic turned into a mysterious place suddenly and became the top story of many newspapers because of a genetic condition which is turning their girls into boys on reaching puberty. This genetic disorder causes girls to grow a penis and become boys when they hit puberty. The occurrence although unheard of is not so rare in the village as 90% children so far are affected with this rare disorder.

The natural transformation from female to male is referred to as guevedoche, which means ‘penis at 12’. One of the youngsters affected by this condition told to a leading news website that he was brought up as a girl but never really liked wearing clothes for girls and just wanted to play with boys.

The cause of this rare disorder is a missing enzyme that leads to the production of a male sex hormone in the womb. Due to this, a child appears to be a girl at the time of birth. The testosterone levels start surging upon in the body on reaching puberty and hence the persons transform and grow a penis when they are 12.


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