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New York Times Calls Lata Mangeshkar A ‘So-Called Playback Singer’




The already raging Tanmay Bhat controversy just never seems to end. Sometimes it is MNS or the anger of public which never lets this controversy calm but this time, it is the New York Times itself which has again sparked the controversy.

New York Times calls Lata Mangeshkar a playback singer

Yes, in a report over the Tanmay Bhat’s Snapchat video the worldly reputed New York Times newspaper company described the melody queen Lata Mangeshkar as a ‘So-called playback singer’ and again simmered the whole country.

The disrespect from Tanmay Bhat was already too much difficult to handle but what’s more important is that what gave an outsider the right to interfere and disrespect another country’s national icons.

The New York Times is a very really highly reputed newspaper company all over the world but this time, it received the criticism for a right reason.

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